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Custom Paintball Guns

Did you know that players of paintball also call their guns ‘paintball markers’? You see, the paintballs which are loaded in the gun are used to mark opponents and hence the term ‘paintball markers’. For those who have specific requirements when it comes to their paintball guns, you need to get the custom made ones. When you’re using the custom made guns, you have to consider some features like barrel, gun accessories, and air system. Now, if you try to shop online, you will notice........ Read More

Military Simulation Paintball Guns

The advancement and progression of law enforcement and military exercises and training, in addition to military simulation and real action games, is taken into account in the design phase and manufacturing process of these military simulation paintball guns. Since most of these paintball markers are made for use in police and military training, the guns are made to be extremely durable and can withstand a lot of strain and any blows that might occur when out on the field. Most military simulat........ Read More

Spyder Paintball Guns: Power In Paintball

Spyder is a well-known and respected maker of paintball guns. A Spyder paintball gun is sought after by many enthusiasts of the sport because of the engineering that makes it one of the best. Some of the most popular Spyder paintball guns are the Spyder VS3, the Spyder VS2, the Spyder MR2 Electronic, the Spyder MR1 Semi-Auto, and the Spyder 07' Xtra. * Spyder VS3 This Spyder paintball gun has features like Break Beam Eyes, electronic functions, a Delran bolt that comes with a lock-cock........ Read More

Paintball Guns: Using The Internet To Buy

Using the internet as a shopping portal is becoming more and more popular as each day goes by. While there are some things that you will never want to buy online, there are others that are quite popular. One of these items is paintball guns. Over the past few years, paintballers have found that they can buy everything that they need without ever having to leave home. And of course, buying paintball supplies online also means that you will have a large selection to choose from as well as the abil........ Read More

Paintball Guns – Used Or New?

When purchasing paintball guns, it is vital that you choose the right type of gun or marker. Should you go for the new guns or the used ones? Among the primary equipments used in paintball is the paintball gun or marker. There are now refurbished or used paintball guns sold in the market today. The gun’s major components are the barrel, tank, and hopper. Firing systems also vary and your gun may utilize electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and pump. Today, you can also find g........ Read More

Review: Spyder Paintball Guns

• The Kingman Spyder E-99 The Kingman Spyder E-99 is a fast gun, durable and can be upgraded and modified to increase its performance level. The Spyder E-99 is a gun that can perform out on the field, but will not cost you a lot of money. Priced at about $140-160, the Spyder E-99 performs well on the recreational field and can hold its own when used for tournament paintball games. The Spyder E-99 has an electronic trigger frame with modes of semi automatic, three round, six round, and........ Read More

How To Buy And Select Cheap Paintball Guns

While one should never sacrifice value over the quality of paintball safety equipment, paintball guns are available today at reasonable prices and with a wide variety of interesting features. When deciding which the best paintball gun is for you, be realistic and determine your “skill level”. When just beginning, and do not know the frequency of your play, begin with an inexpensive gun. To decide which features you need in a paintball gun, you can borrow markers from your friends an........ Read More


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Airsoft Guns Stun Guns Paintball Guns Toy Guns
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